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New Art! A face a day challenge - Week One

You guys! Here we are in 2022! I can't believe it! 2021 was a bummer year for me, and I am gladly embracing 2022. I mean c'mon, two years of this pandemic? I am hopeful things will start getting better. I have been in quite a rut the past few months and have not been making very much new art. I thought a January challenge would be a great way to get back on track. I wanted to do a challenge that would not overwhelm me, and I thought a face a day would be fun. I decided to paint them on small watercolor postcards that are 4x6 and on 140 lb watercolor paper. I realize that art is totally your interpretation. Here are my interpretations for the characters I made this week. Enjoy!



Danny is a sad boy who never gets any attention as his older brother takes it all. He doesn't really feel like he is a part of his family. Danny feels alone and insecure.



Sally loves all things cats. She is warm, loving and would do anything for her furry friend. She likes to take long walks at night and make wishes to the starts. She believes in miracles and love.



Penelope is a hard core book reader, loves the library and currently hates her parents. She is smart, feels a bit awkward and is wondering when she can take flight and live on her own. I wish I was more like Penelope, she a reader and self starter.



Sandy is a sweet girl who needs a little reassurance here and there. She gets a lot of anxiety but has learned how to breathe, relax and take a break. She often reminds herself that she is loved, enough, and worthy. Her favorite flower is a daisy.



Meet Betty, she is over it. A bitch at heart. She has had enough of the work drama and the other girls. She continues to bite her tongue but may not hold out much longer.



We all know a Thomas. You know, the one who always raises his hand first in class.



Carl is just sick of everything. The pandemic, the public, people in general, he has had enough. He is tired and feel like he could throw a baby fit at any moment.

WEEK ONE DONE!!!!!!!!!!! I am having such a fun time creating these faces, I had no idea it would this rewarding!

Stay tuned for week 2!!!





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