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Things I have been up to lately.

Hey you guys! I have been getting in the swing of things over here and getting back on track for some upcoming festivals. The past few years we have just been laying low with the pandemic and I haven't been creating much new art. I have spent the past few months getting new images painted and places a few big orders for prints, cards, cups, tiles and more!

I have been spending my Mondays and Fridays painting in the studio, and try to leave Friday afternoon for bookkeeping or computer work. ( I am still struggling with that!). I have found that switching my work schedule to three ten hour shifts has given me the time I need to keep this little business going. I often thing of quitting as it really is super time consuming and I don't make much money but I keep plugging along year after year. I really enjoy sharing my art with you and have so many wonderful conversations with you all at art festivals.

I am adding in a lot of new products this summer and super excited to see how people respond to them. One of our biggest sellers was the prints mounted on wood. Unfortunately, the wood is so expensive that I cannot afford to make them and still make a profit.

Dan and I have also been busy training for some races. I have started running again and he is training for the Seattle to Portland Race this July! It has been so wonderful to start getting outside more and breathing in some fresh air!

Can't wait to see you this summer!





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I am a coloful inspiration artist living in the Pacific Northwest.  If you like mixed media art, watercolor art journaling, hiking, eating healthy, or living your best life, then you have found the right place. 


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